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Welcome to Hometown Healthcare, how can we make your life better today? Based out of Watervliet, New York, Hometown Healthcare has been serving the pharmacy needs of their patients since 1953 and has evolved over time by adding a full line of home medical equipment. Hometown Healthcare carries a full line of home medical equipment including home oxygen, CPAP supplies, and ambulatory equipment. We offer a retail showroom area specializing in rollator walkers and lift chairs (or recliner lift chairs as some people call them). We have the largest selection of these seat lift chairs on our showroom in the Albany area.

As a unique pharmacy, we can provide prescription medication management for our patients. Whether its refill reminder calls, prescription retrieval management, or prescription synchronization, Hometown Healthcare provides the products and service support you need to maximize compliance with medication therapy.

If you or a family member is looking for a professional, local home healthcare pharmacy or needs any walkers, lift chairs, wheelchairs, transport chairs, and rollator walkers or any other type of ambulatory or respiratory equipment, see Hometown Healthcare first.